Full FSC® certification

As a commercial and fine art printing business, there’s no getting round the fact we rely on paper. It’s why we’ve put recycling right at the heart of our business – using only what we need and re-using what we can. All our inks and papers are environmentally friendly, and all our waste is carefully controlled through processing and recycling. What’s more, we’re dedicated to making improvements in our environmental performance, and pay special attention to these issues:

  • Meeting or exceeding relevant environmental regulations and laws
  • Developing management processes and operational practices to prevent pollution
  • Continually improving levels of environmental protection, while reducing waste throughout the organisation
  • Giving employees and other bodies access to environmental performance information
  • Increasing knowledge and consciousness about environmental issues among our employees
  • Working with suppliers and customers to develop a similarly concerned approach to the protection of the environment
  • Implementing an integrated approach to environmental and quality issues
  • Providing appropriate resources to meet these commitments
  • Working in accordance with and maintaining the environmental management systems standard ISO 14001: 2004

What we do, at a glance

  • We collect and recycle all waste paper
  • We mainly use vegetable based inks
  • Ink residues are collected and recycled to manufacture low-grade fuels for industrial heating
  • Plastics are separated and crushed into bales for collection and recycling
  • Ink tins are crushed on site and recycled
  • Used plates are collected for recycling
  • All toner cartridges are collected, cleaned and recycled
  • We’ve recently been awarded a Certificate of Achievement for Commitment to Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare
  • CDs and DVDs are collected and recycled


To meet our quality and industry standards, we operate best practice at all times to give our clients the confidence they deserve. More than this, we’re ethical – our corporate social responsibility policy shows that we understand the impact our activities have on the environment, suppliers, employees, and the local community. And by creating and maintaining relationships with our clients and the wider community, we’re always looking at new and better ways to do things.

We work to ISO 9001 quality control standards

Our management system puts in place a whole range of quality controls at every stage of the print process. It’s there to make sure we meet consistently meet our customers’ expectations and requirements – and demonstrates our commitment to giving you confidence.

ISO 18001 Health & Safety certified

The wellbeing of our people, our clients and our clients’ customers is vital. It’s why we’re proud to operate a strict health and safety policy, with a dedicated member of staff on hand to champion and maintain procedures and practices that keep everyone safe.

ISO 14001 Environment Management certified

As one of the biggest print firms in the south, we’re really proud to be able to say we’ve achieved ISO certification for our environment management policies. We monitor, record and take responsibility for all of our activities, and we’re constantly looking at ways we can reduce our environmental impact.

27001 – Information Security Management

We hold full ISO27001 accreditation and are regularly audited by the NQA to ensure compliance.

We’re a certified FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) print firm

At L&S, we buy print materials from an FSC® responsibly managed source, which means when you order with us, you’re supporting these principles. In fact, more than 80% of the papers used at L&S are from FSC® sources – and that number will only grow.

L&S Printing hold the FSC® Chain of Custody certificate.

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